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Three Tips to Start Your Summer Garden

Since 2013, Gary Rixson has served as a consultant with Benefit Communication Insourcing (BCI) at Lockton Companies, an insurance brokerage. Away from the office, Gary Rixson enjoys cooking and grilling, and he grows much of his own ingredients in his vegetable garden. As summer approaches, consider the following tips when you plan your vegetable garden: Pick a location Find a good, open spot in your yard, porch, or balcony where the vegetables will receive sunlight, but not too much of the sun’s direct rays. Choose your crops Depending on your needs and desires, you may want to space out your crops for optimal growth. Combinations such as potato/tomato or broccoli/tomato do not grow well side-by-side. Start growing early Planting vegetables in pots indoors allows you to get an early start on the season. Once the winter temperatures have faded, simply move the plants outdoors or transplant them into a garden plot.

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